Library Carpentry Instructor Training: 24/25th June

Instructor training is for anyone working in a library and information-related role. You should take part if you feel you can teach at least some of the lessons in the Library Carpentry syllabus.  As a certified instructor, you become part of an international community dedicated to bridging the digital skills gap in academic librarianship and in research.  Having qualified Carpentries instructors on your staff is a great way to enhance the value proposition and effectiveness of your library.

LIR HEAnet User Group for Libraries provides a forum for discussion on the use of electronic resources and networks by HEI libraries and assists in development and training for their effective use.

LIR encourages communication and co-operation between member libraries in accessing electronic resources.  LIR aims to help academic libraries explore and develop their digital capacity by providing seminars and workshops for members, as well as other such events which bring this community of practice together.