Provide fora  for discussion on the use of e-resources and IT infrastructure by Library & Information Services of HEAnet member institutions.
Facilitate in the training and development of staff in electronic and emerging technologies in the library context.
Represent the views of its members to HEAnet and other relevant organisations.
To provide a channel of communication between HEAnet and LIR members.

LIR Membership

Eligibility to join LIR is open to all HEAnet member institutions listed at

Associate Membership is open to all other higher education institutions


Members to the Committee will be members of HEAnet member institutions and LIR Associate Members.
The Committee shall comprise a maximum of 14 people which includes nominated members from LIR Member institutions and LIR Associate Member institutions.
These will include nominated members from HEAnet (1).
Minimum representation shall be HEAnet (1), CONUL Institutions (3), IoTI Institutions (3).
The Committee will elect a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer, these Officers will serve for a term of two years, with re-election for a maximum of one more term. In the event of the chair stepping down, a new chair will be appointed from the committee by the committee
Each institution shall have only 1 member representing its interests.
Each LIR member institution shall have one vote in the event of an election for Committee members.
Members nominated to represent their institutions at LIR Committee meetings, must attend one meeting annually excluding the AGM

Committee Meetings

The Committee will organise meetings as appropriate to fulfil the Aims of the Group, with a minimum of three per annum.
The quorum for Committee meetings shall consist of six Committee members, at least one of which shall consists of the Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer.
If consensus cannot be reached on an issue requiring a decision, voting will take place by a show of hands of those Committee members present. In the event of equal votes being cast, the Meeting Chair will have the casting vote.

Annual General Meeting

The Group will hold an AGM, on a date decided by the Committee, generally after the Annual Seminar.
Notice of the AGM will be sent out four weeks ahead of time.
The AGM will present a Chair’s Report, a statement of accounts by the Treasurer, any relevant reports from the Secretary, and conduct any other business of the Committee of which due notice has been given.
Membership fees and any items directly influencing the ability of the Group to pursue its aims will be discussed and acted upon at the AGM.
When relevant, expressions of interest for the position of Officers will be taken at the AGM, with new Officers elected at the meeting following the AGM.
The Officers may call an Extraordinary General Meeting whenever they shall think fit. EGMs shall also be convened at the request of members representing not less than one third of the member institutions of the Group.