About LIR

LIR HEAnet User Group for Libraries aims to explore and develop awareness of electronic information resources and to promote the use of the HEAnet network in exploiting these resources. Established in 1993, LIR:

  • Provides a forum for discussion on the use of electronic resources and networks by HEI libraries
  • Assists in development and training for their effective use
  • Encourages communication and co-operation between member libraries in accessing electronic resources

Full membership is open to HEAnet-affiliated libraries and associate membership to all other higher education organisations (apply for membership). Current membership includes the Universities and many of the Institutes of Technology and other organisations listed here.

The LIR Committee meets on a regular basis and organises the activities of the group. The AGM provides a forum for discussion for the member institutions, and each may nominate two voting delegates.

LIR maintains this website and an e-mail list, LIR-L, for all Irish library staff. To subscribe to LIR-L please click here. You will then receive confirmation and details of how to send messages to the list. LIR-L acts as a forum for the exchange of information and advice and serves as a medium for discussion for all issues relating to library and information work. It is somewhere one can raise issues or find out about similar practices in other institutions. The LIR-L archive offers a view of previous discussions.