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LIR Workshop Registration: Why Web Security is Relevant to Librarians

Registration for the next LIR Workshop "Why Web Security is Relevant to Librarians" is open to staff from LIR Member Institutions

We are delighted to announce that Brian Hickey (Dublin Business School), who gave an elucidating and provocative talk on cloud based web security at the LIR Annual Seminar 2016, will host a half-day workshop on this topic. Comprehending the reliability of web security is something all libraries need to prioritise.  In this session, Brian will outline practical techniques to ensure cloud based systems are secure.

The session will be pitched at a general library audience looking to garner a deeper understanding of their role in security process and how people / users tend to be the weakest link in the process.  

Time and date: 11am -2pm, Wednesday June 28th
Venue: Computer Lab – LC1-016, Languages Centre, Millstream Building, University of Limerick.