LIR Workshop Series: Web-site troubleshooting with web-browsers

Dublin City University Library (training room 1), Tuesday 7th of June 2016, 10am - 12:30pm.

Facilitator: Glenn Wearen, HEAnet.

This workshop was for library staff involved in the delivery of electronic content to end-users, including staff in systems and e-resources roles.

Modern web-browsers have made it easier to troubleshoot web-site issues than ever before. Library e-resources supplied and hosted by publishers should render content correctly, whether delivered by the library proxy or direct. This workshop equipped library staff with the skills to diagnose web site issues which can then be reported to suppliers or resolved on-campus.

The workshop contains the following components:

  • HTTP Overview (HTTP Response codes/Header & Body content)
  • Cookie handling
  • Page elements (CSS/JS/IMG/
  • Proxied content.
  • JavaScript (client rendering and server requests)
  • Emulating mobile devices and off-campus users.

Slides from this workshop are here